For this performance we have decided to explore the idea of God acting as a father towards a certain individual rather than others, someone who is fortunate enough to be receive generosity from God but has exploited it and as a result he must face the consequences. when developing this our central question ended up […]

The stimulus material given to me is about a organisation called project prevention, a particular member named Barbra Harris  has  claimed to help prevent the extremely young (infants) from becoming addicted or involved with drugs, which I agree is a noble cause but what would disagree with is their complete disregard for the drug addicted […]

My name is Gina and I’ve decided to ask the bank for a loan for my sisters treatment and her daughter,I’ve also decided go to rehab to help me beat my drug addiction and  get a job so I can provide for my niece( if i can’t raise enough money for my sisters treatment then […]

My name is Gina I am 18 and I believe life is no longer worth living. Last month my bastard of a father abandoned me, my 20 year old sister and her two year old daughter, this is only the beginning. Recently my sister was diagnosed with cancer and would die within three weeks if […]

I disagree with Isabelle Kerr, the language the youth use is for specific reasons and displays creativity. They use slang because it excludes other people and is used in personal relationships. She claims to be a part of the young generation when she is in fact older than the people that use these words. Isabelle […]

I can tell you now that nothing annoys me more than being treated unfairly and when people who think they have authority contradict themselves, I have had lots of experience with this. During my RE class I may have let a slightly inappropriate word be heard by the teacher, although I wasn’t the only one […]

I’m in Year 7, like any other place on your first few days I am afraid. I can feel peoples eyes digging deep into me, every time I pass someone older than me in the corridor I feel as if I am giving off the scent of weakness. In this foreign environment where I have […]

How does Shakespeare and the studied poets use literary techniques to communicate their ideas about fate? Literary techniques are used in Romeo and Juliet, Ozymandias and A Song In A Storm to help represent many different messages about the three authors ideas of fate and how fate affects the characters in these poems/stories. Fate in Romeo […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway